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In Search of Sir Henry Tate – DVD
A bust of Sir Henry Tate, one of the most prominent philanthropists of the 19th century, is displayed on a plinth in Brixton, the capital of Black Britain.

This gripping documentary produced by the Graduates of the ORIGIN Rites of Passage Programme, investigates Tate’s legacy. Who was Sir Henry Tate?

The Graduates discover that he was a central figure in the sugar refining industry. They research how he made his wealth and the donations and gifts he made. In the process the young men draw parallels to the exploitation of enslaved Africans, their Ancestors.

As action researchers these fearless researchers go In Search of Sir Henry Tate. They go into the history, interview passers-by in the town centre and meet prominent academics and historians.

By the end of the DVD… they share their conclusions.




Ordeal weekend

It tested everyone.

We’ve ALL just got back from the challenge weekend of rock climbing, abseiling, navigating tidal waves in the Irish Sea and the leap of faith.

The pressure cooker of experiences always reveal how the young Brothers respond to such tasks, or ordeals. Never easy this one, all leading to the character defining session…, Special Truth.

Preparing for Graduation

Yes, it’s that time again. The young people on the ORIGIN rites of passage programme are preparing for their Graduation. The Graduation marks the completion of this part of the journey. It will have taken over a year to complete. Generations of ORIGIN Graduates, members of the village and their guests will re-connect as the ORIGIN’ites leave behind childhood and embrace young adult life – in a ceremony fit for a King.

The image above is from our last Graduation. Adisa hands the Mike to Lil Chris, who speaks from the heart.

African proverb: If the young men are not initiated into the Village, they will burn it down – just ot feel it’s warmth.

Mission accomplished!

The mission was to break into the nuclear site, past alarms, cameras and lazers – disarming the nuclear warhead and making our escape. And the performance… Mission accomplished!

Graduates present ‘Sir Henry Tate’

ORIGIN Graduates present their research to their peers. They ask some serious questions. “As young people of African descent, can we really embrace Sir Henry Tate as a philanthropist when he secured his wealth in a business that exploited African’s as slaves?”. 

Their DVD is now ready for distribution. Contact

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