Karting May 25th ’12

On Saturday 26th May, the ORIGIN new recruits took some timeout of the busy programme to socialise! This followed a period of quite intense workshop activities over the last couple of months at New Initiatives where they have been going through their rites of passage.

Here’s a snapshot into some of the interesting characters this year as they enjoy their time Go Karting in East London. See images below and click this link for a short video of the day…   https://vimeo.com/43298983

Your comments are welcome.


4 responses to “Karting May 25th ’12

  1. Great to see that the boys had a great time. My son hasn’t stopped talking about it. So thank you Brothers for allowing them to experience such a space.
    Denzel’s Mum.

  2. I hadn’t noticed video.. Lol!! Brilliant + musical background.. And banter between Pablo, Dipo and the boys..why am i not surprised that Denzel got eager/competitive… Loved seeing the boys speak up, articulate what they liked.. They don’t look like little boys away from us (the Mums)… More of this please!!

  3. Looks like they had a fun time. A great bonding exercise.

  4. Another great event…..Well done

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