Tate & I

ORIGIN Graduates have completed a research project on Sir Henry Tate. On Friday 15th October at Brixton Tate Library they launched their exhibition and DVD.

Tunde Garrison,  an ORIGIN Graduate and member of the group commented, “This project has been a long time in coming.

Before we started this project we would walk by a statue in the town center square in front of the local library. At that time we didn’t have any idea about the significance of Sir Henry Tate, the philanthropist. The project came to life for us when we made the links between the statue, the name of the local library and sugar plantations.

We had lots of questions so we met Windrush pioneers to understand how they contributed to rebuilding Britain after the war.  We met esteemed historians and visited numerous venues & museums from the Museum in Docklands, Maritime Museum in Liverpool and the Tate & Lyle refinery in East London to name a few. We were amazed by what we found.

After all that we produced a DVD & exhibition to reflect what we have done.

I hope you will enjoy viewing our work as much as we have enjoyed doing it.”

Ok so what happened?

The Brothers arrived and prepared for their presentations.

They screened the DVD and showed the exhibition on Sir Henry Tate. After the DVD Tunde, Selim, Nathan and Ashleigh, who represented the members of the project, presented to the audience and took questions.  This photo was taken just before the screening.

Ayoola, the Chair of New Initiatives and Pablo set the context.

The young men took questions from the floor.

The event was compered by Sophia Hermit, the Project Coordinator.

Strong views came from the audience in Brixton Tate Library.

The Graduates stood strong.

Then they got a standing ovation.

Below is a group photo of some of the core members. On the far right is Arther Torrington (Equiano Society), Anika Wilson (Consultant) and fourth from the left is Sam King (First Black Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark).

At the end of the evening, Ben (a Graduate from 2002) stepped through the crowd. We hadn’t seen him for a while. Ben presented a young man that he wanted to enroll on the next ORIGIN Programme.


One response to “Tate & I

  1. My heart is blessed to behold beauty. From the ashes of Brixton rises men of honour who now trains the next generation and seeing the fruit of their labour in their lifetime. May God continue to guide and direct.

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