Year groups

Class of 2001/02

Class of 2002/03

Class of 2003/04

Class of 2004/05

Class of 2006/07

Class of 2008/09

Class of 2012/13

ORIGIN Graduation 2012/13


4 responses to “Year groups

  1. Have been waiting to see all those pictures, when we have our new place, the gallery will be fantastic.

  2. I like the sound of that gallery……walking down memory lane as we view the pictures on the wall. I can picture it right now. Congratulations on making it this far.

    As I think back on the journey of hardship getting to this point, I just want to remind you to always remain focused and true to God, the Creator of all things, who has enabled us to progress this far.

    As you grow there will be many distractions, so please remain focused. For we are given the opportunity to make a difference in each life that we connect with. Choose the positive side at all times. And wherever you find a negative trait, don’t ignore it, deal with it and use it as an opportunity for growth as you move forard.

    One love! Janice.

  3. error above in word [ should read]

    “…use it as an opportunity for growth as you move forward.”


  4. Greetings.
    This is the meaning of life.

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