Gliding May 11th ’13

We have just come back from an ORIGIN classic, the thrilling experience of Gliding.


Click on this 3 min video of Elijah’s_Challenge. Hear what he has to say as he reflects and shares his thoughts.

This weekend the young men combined Water (Challenge) and AIR (Creative Self-Expression) elements. On Friday they practiced their drumming patterns and very early on Saturday morning, the young men went Gliding.

All the young men completed the Challenge. Below are some before and after photographs starting…



Plans 2


Denzel 4 Gliding 11May13 72dpi



Afro Ethan 3

Afro Ethan 2


Ishmeal 2

Ishmeal Gliding 11May13 72dpi



Mali 2



Jason 2


Ethan S

Ethan 2

Ethan 1

Let us know what you think!



12 responses to “Gliding May 11th ’13

  1. iCh,iCh,Baby... zing diggey-ding-ding, ding, ding

    Excellent!… I always tell elijah to reach for the sky… to which he’d more than likely come back with a witty response like: “Nah dad! I’ll reach for the stars!” gwaaanmyooot!

  2. Congratulations to all the young men for completing the challenge. Very well done. I’m proud of all of you.

    Just think, if you can achieve this challenge, you can deal head on with any challenge that is thrown your way!!

  3. It looks crazy.. man said droid thingie has propeller etc .. ting just literally glides on wind etc.. no wonder they were all scared and saying they won’t do it again…. I literally shuddered @ cold/challenges but I am so impressed with their resolve to keep going.. Appreciate all of you, Kings and Princes.

  4. Impressed with all the young Originites. Every one stepped up and handled the experience in their own way …a true challenge for all. Even some of us older heads felt to kiss the soggy ground once we got back down ….you know who you are.

  5. What a fantastic opportunity for the young men. I’m absolutely proud of them. You never know from this journey one of our young men may indeed become a pilot in the future. Well done to each and everyone of our young men. Elijah you must be proud ~ I watched your vid, you made me laugh. Big hug to you all and very best wishes. Much love ;o)

  6. Judging by the photo’s, looks like everyone had a good time. Let the circle remain unbroken

  7. ABSOLUTELY fantastic eloquence i was right there with Elijah as he was speaking, my heart was beating the whole nine, as someone who doesn’t like height, I felt it, I mean really felt it.. Well done guys!!

  8. My respect and encouragement goes out to all the Originites for achieving their challenges and overcoming any doubts and fears they must have had. When we allow ourselves to be consumed with fear we lose sight of the good things in life, the things that are worth living for. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The more challenges we overcome in our lives, the greater our character becomes. Well done, everyone. Brother D.

  9. Wow! This looks amazing! Well done for you bravery and courage for this Fire challenge. I look forward to seeing you all at the graduation.

  10. Great experience and great video. I remember it well. I look forward to coming together with the young men soon.

    Aaron (ORIGIN Graduate)

  11. It’s beautiful to watch the brotherhood grow and the organization blossom!! Let the circle remain unbroken!

    See you all at the top!!

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