Dead Prez – 29 Aug 10

Yes we did. Under the cover of darkness they rolled-in, Dead Prez Hip Hop legends in the New Initiatives house! Stic Man, M1 and company delivered an uplifting presentation entitled Red, Gold and going Green. Green being the metaphor for change on the personal, community and global level.

We only had a few days to organise it and so by word-of-mouth and grapevine runnings we made it happen. Biggest of respect to KMT, lead link-up and all the New Initiatives volunteers and supporters who went the extra mile for a massively positive and uplifting event.

Asheber and the Afrikan Revolution, Best Kept Secret, Snuff and the People’s Army together with the wonderful gathering made for an incredible evening. Chk-out these photos and if you want to see live footage of the event, go to Red, Black and going GREEN and put LCPTV Family into search.


9 responses to “Dead Prez – 29 Aug 10

  1. This again displayed the magic of New Initiatives, to be able to be a home for progressive, conscious and community orientated individuals. This power transcends British borders, and it was so natural having Dead Prez there. They felt at home, it felt natural. Hopefully it is the first of many.

  2. What a collaboration, aligned with one of the most powerful conscious global rap-tivists out there, a landmark event.. hats off Tuggs and P.

  3. Khonsu,

    I’ve just watched the video that was streamed live on the night. Your presentation on Origin was heavy. Nice one.


  4. Give thanks for this wonderful, inspiring event. Uhuru!

  5. African Internationalist perspective on what it means to go green! Definitely worth while and demonstrated what we always say in the Uhuru Movement, the only way we get free is by liberating ourselves. Build for self determination in our lifetime! Let’s get organized!

    Big up everyone involved in organizing the event and all who attended. Afrikan Revolution smacked it! I need their album!

    Uhuru! Free Diop Olugbala (more info on


  6. Big Up, fantastic Work. Yes Yes Yes, the community needs more like this, truely inspiring to find that even behind the scenes Dead prez n the Team have time and spirit to share with us. Big Up ppepo.

  7. Big up!!! What a Fantastically inspirational night…more more more

  8. YO P, good to see you and the family are still doing big tings. Keep up the good and positive work you all are doing. Peace Derrick

  9. Great pics! Dead Prez keep it real!

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