We’ve returned from a very grounding and uplifting weekend that focused on the enslavement of African people. The full programme is to make sure that we never forget… and like Sankofa we use the experience to propel us forward. Here’s an account of the weekend.

Your comments below the images are important to us.


Rise and shine



Then to the Transatlantic Slavery Museum. Before we left London the young men decided what questions they need to be  able to answer on this very important aspect of history. Their questions became the worksheet for the weekend.

In search of the answers.

The information affects us in different ways.

After the museum Bro. Khonsu presented a lecture: Our history does not start or finish with ‘slavery’.

Following the lecture we met Laurence, a local historian with a specialism in enslavement of African’s in Liverpool. He took us on a tour of the Liverpool City Center. He explained that… We built this place!

We listened to every word. Facts after facts. Fascinating. We need to go back for our next installment. Time just disappeared on us.

His knowledge and enthusiasm to share his work with us was clear for all to see. ORIGIN has a new Friend.

That evening we watched the film Sankofa before the group retired to their rooms for the night.

After our run and training in the morning we went to the River Mersey for a visualisation exercise.  The images are of the young men making their own personal connections to their history.

In conversation with our Ancestors – in conversation with our Self.

Ships of our Ancestors were brought to this port. Many of us did not make it.

The group was silent.

Libation to our Ancestors.

After pouring libation we were ready for the rest of the day. We had breakfast and made our way back to London. Our next session at ORIGIN on Wednesday is called Special Truth, which is all about feed back from the weekend.


16 responses to “Liverpool

  1. I feel so gutted I wasn’t there but I hope this was everything for them that it has always been for us. Tuggs

  2. It was a very good experience for the youngers in the village to go on this residential as a group. The pictures are very interesting “what’s the story” Brother Tuggs Star you were there in spirit. “ase”
    Greatly appreciate all the time,planning,commitment and life learning from the staff team.
    Thank you
    blessed love sistar kenyasue x

  3. A Great experience for our young men. My young man spoke to me more on the journey home from the train station than he had in the previous week!! He seemed to have gotten a lot out of the experience.
    Historically, he was telling me lots of facts and information about the slave trade and the role Liverpool played in it. As well as facts about nubians in Napoleons army and the dna and facial reconstruction of Cleopatra!
    Socially, it came across as if all the young men have bonded and gelled together really well, and are really feeling that they belong in Origin. They look very pensive and serious in the photos, which tells me they had a lot to think about.

    Physically, i feel the 6 am run was beneficial for my young man as a great exercise to get him to focus. I told him that i expect him to do the same thing at least 4 times a week now that he is home, you should have seen his face! LOL

    I want to say tawu antuten (thank you all) to the brothers at Origin for taking good care of our future and bringing them home to us safe. Much appreci-loved.
    Hotep linee zamaal (Peace my brothers)

    Netert Michele

  4. I am really happy to see the work of Origin go from strength to strength. Those visits to Liverpool and our heritage are vital elements of psychological and spiritual development for our young people. The young men really look like they are impacted and going through an intense healing period.Thanks to the brothers. Keep up the good work.Incidently I have been to Liverpool many time during the past three years that Aaron my own Origin graduate has been at the University. You will be please to know he has graduated with a 2/1 BA honors in performance and theatre design. Call him in too talk to the undergraduates. With love as always Isha

  5. Thanks for the link. Brother you don’t understand I think I probably got more out of the experience than the young brothers did! I’m seriously energized after meeting all of you! I walked back from meeting all of you with a spring in my step, realizing that I have some really serious thinking (and doing) to do. I haven’t stopped talking and thinking about you guys since saturday! We must meet up again whether up here or down there!

    So much more to talk about.

    In the struggle.



  6. Knowing that there is power in the tongue, I’m going to use it to speak positively, I know that this experience has had an powerful impact, on these young men, it has installed a sense of pride, a sense of achievement, and a sense of knowledge, they now know we have a heritage to be proud off, I know they will now have a new found confidence, to know that we have the power, to achieve, because we have a strong history, like no other, each & everyone of these young men, will want to strive to do better, this was a very powerful weekend, which will stay with them forever.

  7. Good stuff, keep up the good work!

  8. e v e n t
    Slavery remembrance day memorial lecture
    6:00pm, 20 August 2010 — A memorial lecture held as part of slavery remembrance day, given by Henry Olonga, Zimbabwean cricketer.

  9. Another success well done Origin!!!

  10. ‘Ayekoo’ to all who organised and all who participated. Just looking at the photos brought a sense of pride that we are slowly but surely carrying on the work of ‘educating’ ourselves. We need to take as many of our students of all ages up to Liverpool, to see the contributions People of African Descent have made to this country. The impact of slavery is still with us and we need some deep healing – but it begins with knowing tht facts and accepting our history: Only then, can we move forward effectively. Thank you all for sharing your special weekend. Ama Gueye

  11. Origin a place where young men (and women) will experience positive vibrations about themselves and life. Origin encourages and teaches vital lessons that the young people will keep forever within as they travel on their lifes journey. Congratulations you’ve done it again Origin – Peace Love & Harmony.

  12. This programme is a beacon in a sea of darkness, it goes from strength to strength. Keep on keeping on

    You are all blessed.

  13. Peace all, it had been awhile since I have been on a residential and the first time meeting the young men. The circle truly remains unbroken.

  14. Origin’s works must continue. My children benefited years ago so I know its strength.

    Keep up the good works. Much blessings

    Sis Annette

  15. I was in Ghana at the time and my young soldier took himself off to Liverpool for the weekend with Origin. I am so proud of the program and the strength they are pulling out of my son. He had an enlightening, inspiring and fun time. Big up, as always.

  16. I would like to send a big Thank You to all the Bros for the time and effort you have all put in for me and my son.


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