The ORIGIN Programme starts with the Earth element. Below is a glimpse into how the programme started this year.

From Wed 3rd – 24th March 2010 (6.30-9pm) the young people and their parents attended Orientation Workshops.

The first image below is an Oware tournament workshop for the young men who are interested in enrolling onto the programme and below that are two pictures from Taster Workshops for parents and young people. The last image is of the 2nd workshop that focused on building trust and communication.

On the 31st March, both the young people and their parent/s or Carer considered the big question, “do you want to continue with the programme?” The response has been excellent.

Session: X-MEN presentation looking at the messages in the film as it relates to race, power politics and how we all have special and often hidden powers.

Anything else? Oh yes,… you’re not on your own…

ORIGIN Graduates meet this year’s ORIGIN’ites 21st April 2010 Welcome to the Family

Family album – a classic (same evening)


So let the training begin

Hold the position


Now back to business. See warm-up exercise before the session 26th May 2010


Comment from a Graduate:

ORIGIN isn’t easy but that’s life. Now due to the graduation I feel like a special member of my village. Everyone now knows me and me them and I feel safe and at anytime I can ask my village for help. Gives me a dream to create ‘make endz meet’ in South London, where all the gangs get-together and become a village – no more violence.

Mother’s comment:

Dearest friends,
I’m celebrating Daniel starting his first ‘big man job’ as a television camera man! I feel so proud of him and want to thank all you, who have over the years been there to support us as a family and helped Dans to reach this new phase in his life in one piece.

Grateful and mindful of all our blessings

“One hand can’t clap”
“It takes a village to raise a child”

Love and blessings to you,

Greetings Anita,

Daniel graduated from ORIGIN in 2003. Even then his interests for video and photography were clear for all to see. He left for life’s adventures and returns specialising in this field. He has completed a circle and the village is now stronger. We’re all proud of him.

Pablo said


9 responses to “Earth

  1. It’s great to hear and feel this parents pride and joy. Since we are all scattered around London and beyond, it is a challenge to keep the image of the village alive, yet this does just that. The circle has indeed grown in strength. Achievements and challenges shared in this way can only serve to keep the village and our circle alive. (Maureen, Parent)

  2. Loving it! So many of our youth are dissadvantaged due to the breakdown of family network in our community. I am beaming with smiles as I write, knowing the struggles that the founders endured to see ORIGIN become a reality. They have filled a gap in our community with this programme as they have done with other projects. This is one programme that helps me to promote the positive side of our youth. It has worked to counteract the negativities within our community and the young men who have passed through can now testify of how it helped to keep them out of trouble. Keep up the good work and stay focused. Peace and blessings. Janice

  3. Greetings.
    Just to a note. Yesterday, I met Christopher Thorpe from the 2008 cohort. There was an “origin air” of confidence about him. He is now working at Centrepoint supporting adults and young people to become more independent and move into education, accommodation, etc; and has an number of successes, in this regard. In addition, he has applied and been accepted on a Youth & Community course at Greenwich University, due to start 2010. I was so proud, and hence I felt this would be good to share. If you wish to contact him, please let me know and I will pass on his email address.

  4. Dear Parents who have enrolled their Son,

    How you finding ORIGIN so far? I hope the reports are nothing like going to the dentist.

    Have you had to deal with “I don’t want to go”, “it’s long…”, or “I’ve got something else I’m doing”. If so, how have you handled that?

    ALSO, how are you finding the sessions for parents? How’s it going?


    Bro. Pablo.

  5. Micah’s grandmother Josephine here. Thanks for the feed back, it was good to know that you guys are progressing well. The journey home each Wednesday gives myself and Micah a chance to catch up and discuss what had happened and he is quite positive about the group and states, catagorically, that he wishes to continue attending. Micah is not as forthcoming about the actual details of each session and it would be good to know more.

    Much Respect,


  6. Hotep!
    Wow what can I say? My son is so entusiastic about attending origin!
    He came out of last weeks session the proud winner of the Oware tournament. Full of confidence, interacting with the other young men wow (was this my child? Lol)
    It was then that I realised that in addition to my son gaining new positive experiences and enhanced knowledge of self, he is also gaining positive friendships with his Origin brothers. Show me your company and I’ll show you Who you are. I feel proud and happy that my son is forming friendships with others who have a positive mindset.
    Hotep and Tawuhaat (peace and thanks)

  7. ashe to all that

    love sista kenyasue xxxxx

  8. I have been receiving your news from my sister who had her two sons enrolled with you. I think this is a great thing for young men.

  9. Greetings.
    The village keeps growing; just wonderful.

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