Cutting-a-deal workshop

When you think it’s peace and safety….it’s sudden destruction.

Do you want to be a star? Your name up in lights! Got X-Factor swagger?

Well, forget that career in medicine, science, law or whatever you’ve been working on. All you need is a contract in the record business…, right?

Hell NO! Not on our watch. Cutting-a-Deal workshops demonstrate how vulnerable young people are to ideas of fame and glory, and how talented young people are being exploited every day.

This time we took away the powerpoint, flip chart paper and the class room setting. This time the lessons were to be experienced!

ORIGIN’ites listen-up. New Initiatives Board Members are coming. The Board have the contacts and influence to change lives. Trust me!!!”

Over 3 weeks the Facilitators prepared the group for the arrival of the high-flying Executives. They were told that these Board Members are very well-connected in the record industry. The young people prepared for the visit. If they were ready, they could get 5 mins of their time…

The exercise was to expose the group to an ‘opportunity’. To see whether they would listen to their Inner Voice or be overtaken by the pressurised situation and sign ‘the contract’ on the dotted line?

Below are images of the process that led to some fascinating feedback.

I won’t say how each person dealt with the challenge but everyone learned some very important life lessons.

Read and understand it.  Get advice. Don’t go with the flow. Listen to Self.

Here’s a snapshot of how it went:

So, show us what you got guys…

We’re impressed. Let’s talk business.

A successful deal

and another,

hap hap happy… well, all but one maybe ???

Can you imagine the moment when the Executives revealed themselves as Actors? Faces dropped, mouth’s open, Brothers looked depressed.

In the feedback session we looked at the critical points of the negotiations and the tactics used against them. Then we moved to how they were feeling in the interviews and those moments where they felt that it was all a bit too good to be true. And at that point, what they did with that feeling.

We discussed what they learned from the experience and how artists are getting exploited all the time.

Some strong statements followed. Like those techniques won’t work on them again – ever.

At the end of the session the young people gave a massive round of applause and thanked the Facilitators and the Actors for the experience.

This was an ORIGIN Classic.

“See you all next week”.


5 responses to “Cutting-a-deal workshop

  1. big love for what you guys are doing. real lessons. a learned youth is ready to be a young man.

  2. Greetings,

    Just to say well done for Wednesdays session. It was one that was eye opening and surprising to my Son. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to “get gassed-up” and carried away, and agree to crap without even thinking. His conscious group called ‘AKA’ became ‘AK47’, the Gangsters for £5,000. He could not believe it! “After all of my research”, he said. It really got him thinking and he says that will never happen again! I think he gets that knowing doesn’t make a difference – its the application.

    So another braap to the crew.


    Aura MM

  3. True Innovation,well done to Facilitators and Participants

  4. Good to see how the hard work continues to pay off.

    Well done and thank you.

    Sis Maureen

  5. an oldie but a goodie all the same!!!

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