ORIGIN Grad Group 09


Kiman, Kamali, Curtis, Jermaine, Chris, Teneye, Chad and Junaid – new ORIGIN Graduates.


Graduates from previous years, facilitators and Chief Omilade.

The Village

Families, graduates and invited guests… same event.

What kind of camera lens would we need if everyone got in the same picture?

Village at Graduation

it waz parent evening on monday [22.3.10]. . . . . . . . And Every teacher said i’m a perfect student and i’m class rep and i got all 1z (1 iz highest 3 iz lowest) and i’m hyper and loud in class but i alwayz get da work done quickly and i’ve passed 1 unit with a Distinction 3 monthz early =D and im top o da class =D and did i mention. . . 100% attendance and punctuality =D jheeeeeze aint I a Don lol

Now we prepare for OIGIN Graduation 2011

Junaid, Graduate


2 responses to “Air

  1. This is great work and should be supported by the whole community…RESPECT

  2. I work as a TA in hackney college and would be very much impressed to see a programme like this offered to secondary/colleges…especially those for youngsters who find it hard to find a hobby or an external group to join.

    I am generalising but usually it is not until we are older and our mind wants to mature (and focus on life knowledge) that we want to seek knowledge and grounding…this is a beneficial foundation learning for young people.

    Also i think a programme should be developed for the young sisters, as i think there is an influence from negative media affecting some aspirations and attitudes.

    God Bless.

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