Click on this image to see this hilarious SWISH…


This SWISH video clip is a warm-up activity to an ORIGIN Earth Workshop.

Each ORIGIN Workshop has a warm-up element before the start of sessions. On the surface this activity looks like the group are just fooling around but it’s much more than that.

Using a defined set of rules, the young men are working with energy. They eventually bring-in their own creative moves. The group must maintain the flow without getting caught off-guard otherwise they will receive the full impact of the invisible force. If you step into the Circle, be sharp because the ball of energy is coming your way soon and when it does… you don’t want to be caught sleeping.

See how long they maintain the energy as they build-up an unstoppable momentum. The activity often leads to discussions about the community and what we need to do to maintain our projects and businesses. Maintaining the energy is an important factor for success.


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