ORIGIN 2013 Graduation

ORIGIN 2013 Graduation fulfilled all expectations this year. This ceremony, as part of the tradition to train boys of African heritage to become young men, sees our thirteen year of transformative rites of passage work in the community.

The photo exhibition and showreel below displays some of the majestic moments of this powerful community event that took place on Saturday 20th July 2013.

Let the Circle Remain Unbroken… and the Ancestors be pleased.


5 responses to “ORIGIN 2013 Graduation

  1. Inspirational YOU were proud to support Origin Rites of Passage 2013.

  2. unifiedsisters

    lost for words very powerful

  3. Yet another fabulous graduation, the circle will always remain unbroken it can only but increase year after year. I am extremely proud of our young men they have experienced something extremely special that will stand them in good stead. I invited my friends who thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony they thought it was very empowering and educational, teaching our young men about their culture and them becoming men. Once a child now a man, let the circle remain unbroken!!

  4. Excellent. The 2013 graduation event summarised all the hard work by the graduants and the facillitators, The Congratulations.
    Now the young man are ready to face the world with knowledge and skills gained through Origin Rites of Passage, I wish them well. That was some achievement !!!

  5. Greetings.

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