Ordeal weekend

It tested everyone.

We’ve ALL just got back from the challenge weekend of rock climbing, abseiling, navigating tidal waves in the Irish Sea and the leap of faith.

The pressure cooker of experiences always reveal how the young Brothers respond to such tasks, or ordeals. Never easy this one, all leading to the character defining session…, Special Truth.


8 responses to “Ordeal weekend

  1. My son said he had an exhilarating time and that he was able to conquer the tasks set. He also felt it was an experience to be remembered for a very long time

  2. Josephine Gbadamosi

    Micah had a fabulous time in Wales and he is now enthusing about the activities, the journey (there and back) and the fun he had. Thank you guys so much for managing that and allowing Micah to be included, despite the difficulties you were faced with regarding his behaviour and perceptions.

    What a wonderful experience and one that I know he will always remember ! You guys have really impacted on his life and for that I am truley grateful. Really impressed with all of you for making such a big different in the lives of so many. Thank you!

  3. Sister Kenyasue

    Thank you for this exiting opportunity, which really has benefited my son. Romaii informed me that he had a really exiting time, he was able to conquered his fear with your support and he Jumped!
    He will remember this time, as part of his journey of life.
    Thank you all for being so supportive and looking after the family. Looking forward to the graduation.

    Love and Peace

    Sis Kenya & Prince Romaii

  4. Greetings.
    Looking forward to the graduation.

  5. Ayoola KABaRa-Clarke

    I am always so proud of my brothers when I see these pictures. You brothermen are our living breathing heroes, and I think you should know it now. Ayoola

  6. Greetings to all the Origin Team,

    I want to thank you for taking Kofi on the Weekend. He enjoyed it very much. This experience will last him a lifetime and help him along is journey.

    Once again Thanks,


  7. Such an inspiring journey and the pictures were wonderful!
    Really proud that my son Jumaane accomplished the challenges and he told me he gained a lot positive awareness and understanding from the experience. I hope everyone in the group continues to grow in confidence, direction and purpose and achieve their goals.

    Many Thanks To Origin and Look Forward To The Graduation .

    Brother Robin

  8. Congrats to ALL for your journey on this weekend.

    My son seemed to take the physical activities in his stride and approach them with his courage at the forefront and his trust in his elders’ hands. He believed in himself, when he was advised that he could do it. Additionally, my son was faced with a personal/ emotional challenge. He responded to the situation with a positive choice, which was honourable and had a level of integrity not always acknowledged or ‘brought out’ in our youngsters by the mainstream systems. It is good to see the work that started on a physical level, manifesting in him as life lessons. I can see the work the Originites are doing may start as physical activity, but that what they are learning goes deeper in strengthening them as well rounded young men.

    Many thanks, ORIGIN for providing the space for these young men to become.

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