ORIGIN is a New Initiatives rites of passage programme. For the New Initiatives website, go to New Initiatives website

ORIGIN is a powerful rites of passage journey of self-knowledge for young men (13-17 yrs) and their parents to grow and develop. The methodology used delivers four programme elements (EARTH, FIRE, WATER and AIR). These are awareness-raising workshops, adrenaline-pumping adventures and tests of character that leads to a community graduation.

A curriculum and syllabus designed by the organisation guides the learning process. This contains the detailed breakdown of all four elements and provides the workshop content, techniques and processes required to deliver the programme.

Over the course of the year, the young people learn a great deal about themselves, their cultural heritage and the world around them. The young men attend not knowing what the Facilitators have prepared for them. They are asked to ‘experience’.

While the young people are going through their rites of passage training, their parents or Carers are invited into a separate space to participate in sessions arranged for them too.

By the end of the year we all celebrate… the arrival of the new young men in the Village.

This is not ‘keep them off the streets’. This is a community restoring its cultural practices. This is rites of passage.”

Paul (Pablo) Reid


3 responses to “RITES

  1. this looks brilliant! all power to yr organisation. i will pass it on to those who I know would benefit.
    Best luck – Rix

  2. Greetings.
    Powerful, just powerful.

  3. Brilliant organisation! really well done on all your achievements.

    I would really like to be involved in someway, hopefully with young ladies. However i am happy to help out with our young men.

    Many thanks.



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