Work In Progress!

The call went out and the boys arrived ready for a journey…This is what work in progress looks like.


…and so the journey begins!

The first of our Taster Sessions showed tremendous promise as the young men prepare for their journey. There are 3 more tasters workshops before we close the door on the sign-up period. If you are interested in joining us this year, you must move now, unless that is… you want to wait for 2019! Go to for sign-up details.

ALSO – contact if you are interested in AKUAH, our sister programme for girls and a member of the AKUAH Team will in touch.



Another chance to SIGN UP

Tomorrow is our second and final open evening session for this year’s ORIGIN intake.

You can sign up using this link…

AMAZING!!! Open Evening

Last night we had our first of two open evening sessions and it was AMAZING!!! If you missed out, don’t worry we’re having our second open evening session on Sept 6th. You can sign up using this link… #InvestInOurBoys #BrilliantBlackBoys #SideSteppingStereotypes #MenInTheMaking #ForUsByUs

Big Thank You

Thanks to each and every one of you that has helped us spread the good word about our return over the last few weeks. Three years is a long time to be absent but tomorrow evening marks a new chapter in our story…ORIGIN IS BACK!!!!! You can still book your place via this link


It’s less than a week away before we kick off the new ORIGIN programme. If you have or know of a young man that could benefit from the power within our circle, then we hope to see you on Wednesday 30th August.

You can book your place via this link:

#InvestInOurBoys #BrilliantBlackBoys #SideSteppingStereotypes #MenInTheMaking #ForUsByUs #LetTheCircleRemainUnbroken


ORIGIN simply offers young boys of African descent a chance to make a positive choice.

Meet Lee, a Graduate of the ORIGIN programme that made the right choice!

We’ll be kicking-off our next programme with an Open Evening on Wednesday 30th August for parents/guardians and boys (only). For more details contact us


#InvestInOurBoys #BrilliantBlackBoys 

#SidesteppingStereotypes #MenInTheMaking #ForUsByUs