Graduation 2019

ORIGIN Graduation notification

This years ORIGIN Graduation fulfilled all our expectations and much more… and it needed to because this year’s group was a tough nut to crack! Not only was it our largest group over the last 20 years but the cohort took 18 months to complete the programme – 6 months longer than planned.

ohh but it was well worth it!

The young people’s presentations were just superb. It was a real pleasure to see the difference between the rehearsals and the main event, as the young men shared their skills, talents and new knowledge with the community. The bond between the Brothers was clearly evident. The contrast from the reluctant individuals that started the programme to the Circle created at the end of the community ceremony was clear to everyone who attended the Taster Workshops and Enrolment Evenings in 2017.


This year’s ORIGIN Graduation was exceptional. The young men rose to the occasion like everything was at stake. They knew that this was the culmination of all that they had learnt. The big day had arrived, the community had gathered, the space was prepared and it was time for them to step forward and shine…, confidently, boldly and with pride. Our Son’s without prompting knew exactly what to do. They were ready!


From the rapturous applause to every Influential Figure presented, to their explosive Warrior Dance and the powerful Martial Arts demonstration – all evidence of ORIGIN’s identify affirming work with our young men.

There’s a lot that we want to see in return for this prolonged investment. We expect to see a tangible change in values, outlook, attitude and behaviour. And when from time-to-time these standards are difficult to maintain… well, each and every Graduate has the ORIGIN safety-net as a resource to draw on. This may come from relationships within their particular cohort (or Circle), the wider Brotherhood of Graduates or the even broader network of relationships from within the Village.


The sacred ritual to mark the change ‘from child to adult‘ is also an alignment and a continuation of traditional African culture, adapted to meet the challenges of African Diaspora identity today.


The announcement “Let The Circle Remain Unbroken” is the point when the Facilitators know that they have done their job…, for this year group. Then over to the customary set of photographs for future memories and to tell others all about this inspiring process of community empowerment.




London to Paris


This year’s fundraising challenge for #TeamORIGIN is a sponsored bike ride from London to Paris. Ten ORIGIN Facilitators are cycling over 200 miles to raise money for ORIGIN – to support our boys to become young adults. Follow this link to our GoFundMe page.
#TBT #TeamORIGIN #InvestInOurBoys #TrainWeMust #ChickenLegMustDie
#ThoseHillsWontKillMe #TwentyYearsInTheGame #ManLikeMajorTaylor #ChallengeAccepted #EbaPower #TheBrotherhood #LondonToParisBikeRide #BrothersInParis

Bike collage final 500

Coasteering 2018/19

In June 2018, ORIGIN young men completed an individual and group challenge; this being one of the Rites of Passage ordeals for the group to tackle. This challenge always reveals surprises about the young men and the group. Sometimes we’re surprised by those that step-up and those that hesitate and need encouragement and support.

It’s always a highpoint of the programme to experience the thrills and excitement of traversing across the rocks of the Irish Sea, rock climbing, abseiling and eventually taking the Leap of Faith into the sea.

Being together after to reflect on our emotions as we complete this exhilarating challenge allows us to focus on our fears, comfort zones and where we were challenged. Lessons to draw on for LIFE.

Graduates reflect on their experience

For over 2 decades ORIGIN has been supporting young people to transition from the stage of being a child to that of becoming a young adult. Here we have Aaron, Lee and Chad, three Graduates who completed the programme reflecting on their experience and describing what ORIGIN is in their own words. It’s refreshing to know that years after their Graduation they remain as Ambassadors with a great sense of ownership and belonging.

Fighting for our young men

On Thursday 15t March 2018, #TeamORIGIN took to boxing at the Troxy to fight for our young men. Our team of six set-out to fundraise £3,500. We are thrilled to report that our Fighters, together with our supporters, literally smashed the target. WE RAISED £10,630. Here we hear the voices of our young men just after the competition.

What did your financial support help us to do…

ORIGIN in Liverpool

It’s crucially important that our young people get an opportunity to study history from the perspective that places them as people of African origin at the centre of the worldview. As history in the national curriculum ignores classical African civilisations and marginalises African and African-Caribbean history to Black history month, we ensure that our history permeates our entire programme. This work on the subject of history is our focus when we go to Liverpool. Here’s a snippet of ORIGIN in Liverpool for our 2018/19 cohort.


Work In Progress!

The call went out and the boys arrived ready for a journey…This is what work in progress looks like.